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25 years old
169 cm
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VIP Paris escort Bella, which in Latin means "beauty" from the first minutes began to control my destiny. My life could not have been different, because a beautiful and tender girl in the family is written to become a luxurious model, a conqueror of hearts, a fatal temptress, passionate and unpredictable. I realized for a long time that my energy attracts all members of the stronger sex, because it combines the desire for balance, curiosity, thoughtfulness and at the same time very strong excitability. Is not it a bit contradictory combination? And, nevertheless, I adore this state of mind and body. When I catch an interested, burning gaze of a man, then in the blood begin to curl the light vortex currents, in the head begins to spin a simple motive, against which there are the most obscene, the hottest fantasies. And these visions do not let me go until I realize them in practice. Want to get a channel for adults at personal disposal? Then do not delay our date! Believe me, the real passion is impeccable, so lively and always ready to enjoy the Top escort models Paris - better than any movie!

Top Escort Models Paris

Bella is beautiful! This purebred cat, which we all love and love. Originally, I did not plan anything special, but I was helpless before her charms, and it all ended in a natural insanity! Stock up with crutches, your legs will be wadded :)
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