Paris exclusive escort Lisa

500 € / hour All prices 
24 hours: 
4000 €
25 years old
169 cm
500 €
900 €
1300 €
2500 €
4000 €

I could become a brilliant actress, but became an Escort Paris VIP model. In many ways my success was the result of acting lessons. I can do any role. I can be a haughty socialite. I can, on the contrary, appear before you a naive silly woman. They say that I'm very good at the role of the fatal temptress. Men simply lose their heads when the vip-model with which they spend leisure, arranges an erotic performance before them. However, all these masks have nothing to do with what I really am. Inside vip-model Lisa is a kind, touching, sympathetic girl. A girl who is still able to fall in love without memory, and then - to suffer from this love. I saw powerful men. Besides, I saw them without formal costumes. I used all conceivable benefits of luxury. I gave them in return the most incredible pleasures and brightened up their loneliness. But I still know how to be surprised, like a little girl. I still feel ecstatic. And if Lisa's vip model will smile at you, do not look for falsehood in this smile. At the moment she is sincere. Know that I love you.

Paris exclusive escort

Lisa is easy to communicate, erudite and can support the conversation. It is rare to meet a girl in this sphere without a crown on her head. Responsive girl, who knows what a man needs. In general, he rested with her 100%
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