Slim escort Paris Kira

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22 years old
170 cm
Eastern European
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LUXE ESCORTS PARIS - My name is Kira - very melodic, but at the same time surprisingly hard - like the word "yes!", Uttered in the heat of passion, in the whirlpool of emotions, in the abyss of madness. It is these feelings that embrace any man who comes close to me, closer than decency allows. By the way, I forgot about decency for a long time, about these fresh, mossy rules, which even the royal family does not respect. And to me, a young and passionate top model, providence itself tells me to live by feelings, without pushing myself into the framework. Exactly at the age of 16, I realized that my main talent was to seduce, tempt, tease and entice gently and unobtrusively. By today, I've learned to do it so skillfully that sometimes I do not know where the game is, but where reality is. Sometimes, from the very morning, I begin to feel the sweetness and the body "burns out" of anticipation, exuding the fluids of sex hundreds of meters around. Believe me, no one has resisted, all as one, become sensitive and tender slaves to my spells. I'm a vip-model of an escort I take from life only the most precious, that which captures and does not let go, what promises to make even one night an unrealistically bright and slightly vicious journey into the world of forbidden passion. Do you like dangerous adventures? Also are you ready to pay the round-trip ticket? with VIP escort Paris? Then make haste to make an appointment with me.

Slim escort Paris

Wonderful girl. Fit trim baby. Real photos. Perfectly spent time. Cozy and attentive.
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