VIP escorts in Paris Arina

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4000 €
23 years old
168 cm
Eastern European
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1300 €
2500 €
4000 €

Thanks to the charming beauty of the body, soft facial features, luxurious skin and a delicate cloud of hair, I have been living in a fairy-tale castle of adoration and worship, love and sincere affection, sensual intimacy and sweet dreams since my youth. However, my image would be incomplete if I did not admit to you that the thirst for adventure, youth and passion of nature made me - an incorrigible dreamer - an adept seductress, a flexible panther - greedy for pleasure and forbidden pleasures. My name is Arina, I am a real VIP escorts in Paris lady, i live with colors, feelings and emotions. I look at my reflection in the mirror and envy those who will be able to conquer me today and get into every share of my luxurious body and generous soul. Not cooled from a hot night, I start the day, looking forward to new meetings, new acquaintances and new impressions. My soul is so receptive that I am absolutely sincere, every time - as for the first time - they rejoice and inspire new views, hot embraces and passionate kisses. I have such a reserve of unspent tenderness and passion that my sensuality causes not only a smile among the powerful of this world, but also the frank desire of men to take me as an escort in Paris into personal use, to pamper, decorate and dress me like a doll and ... to be charged, charged with my youth and freshness .

VIP escorts in Paris


In the photo a sort of woman - vamp, and in fact a nice friendly and affectionate girl) A pleasant relaxed conversation allows you to feel the absolute comfort of communication. Very pleased to meet with the beauty

An angel girl: very sweet, affable and sincere. A wonderful meeting! Everything was professional, with the strictest observance of "business" etiquette and immediacy, in a word - relaxed and discharged the way we expect it from a real woman.
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