Paris Escort Model Nina

500 € / hour All prices 
24 hours: 
4000 €
23 years old
169 cm
500 €
900 €
1300 €
2500 €
4000 €

What does a rich, established man need to feel like a king? Paris escorts? That's right, a beautiful and charming woman. If you decide to spend time with the model Nina, Paris escort model, you will feel how the world around you is changing. Moreover, for the better. I can create coziness. Next to me you will feel easy and calm, even if you are far from home. I do not know how this works, but it's a fact. Men are fine with me. However, the feeling of comfort - only the very first impression of your leisure with Nina. Next will be even more interesting. After all, you do not yet know what kind of tete-a-tete? Do you want to know? I have not one sweet surprise for you. Delight? Ecstasy? You will feel how weak these words are. That they are only the pale shadows of those dazzlingly beautiful feelings that Nina's model will present you, as soon as you decide to spend your leisure with her.

Paris Escort Model


A woman who values herself, who loves herself, a woman who is confident in herself! And also sexy, but also beautiful - a cocktail that blows the head ... shutting off consciousness ... is one of the few women who are not forgotten. Subtle mind and natural sexuality, temperamental and passionate.

Very talented, well-groomed, beautiful, gorgeous, smart, with a sense of understanding, kindness. He is able to find a common language. Having met this VIP escort girl you immediately understand that you are in a fairy tale, where your dreams become reality, since Nina is not in any way complicated ... In general, do not hesitate, call and agree, and she will take you to the world of pleasures and exquisite pleasure!
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