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25 years old
172 cm
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Many people think that men love Paris escort girls for beauty. But I know that this is not quite so. Beauty, of course, is a terrible force, but they like smart girls too. And here's another popular misconception: supposedly the mind and model appearance are incompatible. But I'm sure the opposite. A smart girl will always follow her appearance, try to use those gifts that nature has given her, to the maximum. I am a maximalist. I love only the best men. I have something to offer an intelligent man. I'm not just an escort vip model, I'm a real sex bomb. If you want to spend time with me, be ready for an explosion of pleasure. I'm a little sorceress. I will squeeze pleasure from every cell of your body. Having met me, you just can not forget me.

VIP Paris escorts

Shameless and elegant thing. Love her, missing
The girl brightened up my evening and filled it with a positive, but with positive emotions. So, on business. The girl is very positive, she supports the conversation, she does not bother. Very beautiful, really a model. Thank you for the class evening.
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