VIP escort Paris Marina

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4000 €
24 years old
169 cm
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Escort Paris Marina is a sea goddess, a lady of the oceans, sister of Neptune and a friend of Poseidon ... Do not you find that my name is surprisingly in harmony with my image? If I could appreciate my flaming beauty, light temper and truly African temperament even at the bottom of the sea. But, it's good that connoisseurs of these amazing qualities are living, extraordinarily attractive men, and they live in the most wonderful countries of the world. It is doubly remarkable that with each of them I will find a common language. I will whisper you obscenities in Schiller's language, flirt with you in the best traditions of Paris escort and Parisian courtesans, I will shake your imagination with the manners of the British royal court. Bonus to this intellectual cocktail you get a terrific long partner, from the beauty of which grows colder somewhere in the spine, and from the expression of the eyes the blood turns into champagne. Ready to go sailing? I warn you, calmness does not happen to me!

VIP escort Paris

She is amazing and will do anything you want and that means absolutely anything, had a really great hour with her. Very real and enthusiastic with incredible technique and a killer body. Great to talk to as well. She truly is a lady and epitomizes the word “escort”. She is wonderful Paris escort model to be with in every way.
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