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All miracles and miracles ... The more you communicate with me, the more you will remember this wonderful phrase of Alice from the famous fairy tale of Lewis Carroll. A well-known storyteller wrote it about me, or maybe I, who loved this book since childhood, grew like a little heroine, got into the Looking Glass. I've grown up a long time ago, I've become a high-class Paris escort model, but I do not want to get out of Wonderland, so if you want, I'll gladly invite you there. We will go on an unusual journey. I will lead you through the secret paths of pleasure, open the code locks of your hidden sexuality, unlock the doors of your erotic fantasies and immerse myself in a geyser of new sensations. A sweet wave of forbidden pleasures of Paris escorts will plunge us into oblivion. In any place wherever we are, you will be haunted by the thirst for new and new discoveries of my young and stunningly responsive body, my sober mind and non-trivial fantasies.

Premium Paris escort


Interesting girl. Pleasant companion. In life, Alice is probably even better than the photo even. Bright, natural. From Wonderland:)

I rested yesterday with Alice. It was super. The girl is nice, sexy and active.
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