Escort Paris Diana

500 € / hour All prices 
24 hours: 
4000 €
25 years old
170 cm
500 €
900 €
1300 €
2500 €
4000 €

Diana, Escort Paris: "My passion is distant countries. But if someone goes to the markets, collects souvenirs and curiosities, I collect a little bit different. My collection - intimate secrets. There are many of them, and they will surprise you. I know the subtleties of love of Japanese geishas. For me, it is not a secret of the wisdom of the harems of the eastern lords. I have studied and experienced the mysteries of the Kama Sutra. Make friends with me, and I will share with you some of my secrets. I am passionate and charming. Even if I have a bad mood, you will not feel it. I know how to treat illnesses, melancholy, boredom. Many of these ailments and ailments arise from the accumulation of bad energy in your chakras. I know how to release her. Communicating with me, you will not mope, your leisure will play bright colors. But I do not consider myself a psychic. I am a sensitive and sympathetic person, an elegant, slender and smart top model that will not only brighten the loneliness of an influential person, but will also rejuvenate him. I can do it."


You can just look at it and enjoy it ... Very tender and cute. The body is a fairy tale ... It smells of spring ...
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