The series "The Girlfriend Experience"

Modern television series have long managed to go full-time in order to gain even more potential viewers and loyal fans. In this case, everything is in play - the attraction of famous directors to the production, famous actors on the role of various importance and much more. Including a relatively recently formed trend towards the transformation of individual feature films into television series. It's like a remake, or a kind of continuation. Did not stay aloof and the eponymous film of the famous director Stephen Soderbergh.

In the breaks between "Che" and "Informant" Stephen Soderbergh shot one of the most controversial paintings in his career. Accepted by viewers and critics rather restrained, and also not become commercially profitable product, but certainly has a fairly interesting idea for potential disclosure. Perhaps this was the aim of this television series directed by Loja Kerrigan and Amy Saimets.

Films and serials on the topic "hard workers of the sexual front", as well as representatives of the ancient profession were shot a huge amount. At first glance, this series created by Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Saimets does not represent anything frankly new. Unless, representing a kind of a prequel to the original film directed by Stephen Soderbergh. As if explaining how a fairly promising young lawyer and just a very pretty girl "managed" turned out to be a mother worker in the business of escort services.

Throughout the season "The Girlfriend Experience", the main character of the series is a huge number of troubles, obstacles and just life's difficulties. Each time, only increasing the intensity and acuteness of what is happening in her own life. But despite this, the entire season is performed very smoothly and at one emotional level. That in this case is a kind of negative feature of the series. Since creating an atmosphere of complete grayness, despondency, emotional heaviness and crush, as well as depressive mood, the creators of the series are not in a hurry not only to bring new colors to the series, but sometimes even pour oil on the fire with some tides of dynamism and sharpness.

The same is true of the whole life path of the main character. When exactly she is the culprit of all the bad and terrible that happens in her life. Sometimes she does not know, and sometimes voluntarily and with her own hand, biting her hand feeding her and shoving her where she is fed. Considering all this, they will feel empathy and sympathy for the main character of the series not only fails to be possible, but also does not feel like at all. When you play the creators of the series all in the opposite direction, the show would only benefit from this.

If the appointment of once insanely popular porn actress Sasha Gray for the main role in the original tape, gave the picture some authenticity and provocation, then appointing the starring star of the last "Mad Max" Riley Kio creators of the series to achieve this can not. However, Riley does an excellent job on the screen. Watching her play, we see an innocuous and defenseless victim of circumstances, but rather a narcissistic, easily manipulating actress who can very confidently make one believe in the most insane lie. What makes her character a little different from any standards and interesting enough for observation. The rest of the actors are easily perceived as real people and the usual faceless mass of society.

Frenchkisses paris escort news about The series "The Girlfriend Experience" from 12 April 2018
Frenchkisses paris escort news about The series "The Girlfriend Experience" from 12 April 2018
Frenchkisses paris escort news about The series "The Girlfriend Experience" from 12 April 2018