Methods of contraception

Currently, there are many ways to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy. Among the most popular contraceptives are condoms, then there are contraceptive pills and spirals.

Condoms for themselves are chosen by young people whose sex is mostly spontaneous. The presence of a condom in the pocket will provide protection not only from pregnancy, but also protect against sexually transmitted infections. The choice of condoms in the market is great, so the option for yourself will pick up even the most capricious man. The disadvantage of this type of protection is the reduced sensitivity of the partner, even despite the fact that the materials for condoms are being improved and become thinner every time.

Intrauterine spirals are suitable for giving birth to women who have a regular sex life. An important condition is medical contraindications. The spiral is placed only after receiving a doctor's opinion about the possibility of such a method of contraception. The danger of this method of protection in the possibility of spiral and unwanted pregnancy, as well as in inflammatory diseases, which can provoke a foreign object in the uterus.

Contraceptive pills are indicated for those women who are disciplined. Since the passage of at least one tablet can lead to the onset of pregnancy. This type of contraception is also shown to women who have been tested for hormones, since all the contraceptive pills contain a small dose of the hormone in their composition. Therefore, if the level of hormones in the body is disrupted, you can provoke problems with weight, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases. Tablets are taken every day strictly at a specific time, with a break of seven days. It is these days that menstruation begins. The big plus of this type of contraception is the ability to push off the onset of menstruation. If you take pills without interruption, menstruation will come only after the abolition of tablets.

Vaginal pills, creams and rings are one of the most common methods of contraception. All of the above is introduced into the vagina. Ring before sexual intercourse, and cream and pills immediately after intercourse. Minus such funds in the very principle of their action. After sex, you must immediately enter into the vagina cream or pill, when at this time you want to lie in the arms of a loved one. Reviews about the rings are also contradictory - they often fall out. Such contraceptives are preferable for those who lead a non-regular sex life, more often once or twice a day.

With such an abundance of contraceptives, many couples do not neglect the method of interrupted sexual intercourse. The risk of such a method is in the high probability of pregnancy. And also this method is suitable for use with a permanent partner. But no problem with VIP escort Paris :)

Along with interrupted intercourse, the calendar method is still practiced. By counting, dangerous and safe days are calculated, in which it is theoretically impossible to become pregnant. To use this method, regular, without malfunctioning menstruation, is necessary. However, this factor does not guarantee 100% protection.

Hormonal plaster - a modern kind of contraceptive. When using this method, it is necessary to ensure that the patch always remains in place, and does not come loose accidentally. The risk of losing adhesive is available when you visit the bath, pool and other water procedures.

Frenchkisses paris escort news about Methods of contraception from 07 May 2018
Frenchkisses paris escort news about Methods of contraception from 07 May 2018
Frenchkisses paris escort news about Methods of contraception from 07 May 2018